Video Marketing

Here is a sample of my work!

Using video marketing is a must in today’s visual world. When you work with me for your video needs, you will:

  • Gain clients
  • Increase your email list
  • Drive traffic to your site
  • Establish credibility for your brand
  • Help you achieve any other goal you might have for your business


I will use the right music and the right visuals to get the feel you want for your project. If you have any footage you want me to use, send it to me. Otherwise, I will use my own resources for dynamic texts, backgrounds, and images. I will work with your timeline to achieve your approaching deadlines.

Here are the details:

  • After you see the first draft, you can request any changes to the editing for free. If you like the second draft, great! I am glad we got to work together. If you require a THIRD draft or beyond, I charge $35 per hour.
  • You could get a short, medium and long version of your video for a reduced price. This is great for adapting to different length requirements on different platforms. For instance, Instagram videos need to be between three and sixty seconds.
  • Two-business-day expedited turn-around time is an extra $40.
  • I can work with your script or my own.
  • Talk to me to discuss locations. I can use anything around me. Discuss it with me if you need something specific.
  • I reserve the right to turn down projects at my discretion.

When you are ready for more likes, traffic, subscribers, clients, and what ever else you use to measure business success, contact me!