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Hi and welcome to!

I, Darian Oliphant, grew up in the Salt Lake Valley in Utah, USA. I have two parents. I have an older sister, three younger brothers, and three younger sisters. They are all talented and lovely. I have a beautiful wife and one kid. I received my bachelors degree from the University of Utah in mathematics. I have worked in education, finance, real estate management, computer programming, and video production just to name a few. I am always working on a handful of projects which you can learn about at this website. I currently live in Billings Montana where the sky really is bigger than other places.

Here are some of the things that fill my time:

  • Video production (I use Lightworks and Audacity.)
  • Human External Memory (Android app – currently unreleased.)
  • (A Christian blog. I try to focus on becoming a better disciple of Jesus Christ.)
  • Photography (I am trying to test the limits of what a cell phone can do. I haven’t had much success in low-light conditions but outside during the day, I can get some nice shots.)