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This would have been faster if they wrote it with classes

This was my first week in my new role in end user automation at a new company. Per my manager’s advice and insight, I primarily focused my personal development on studying Class Objects and User Forms. These are both tools I’ve never used before. Class Objects in VBA work, more or less, like Classes in other programming languages. That said, I’ve never been strong with Object Oriented Programming. I have a basic understanding of the concept but have never built something that required it. I am glad that I won’t be able to say that for long. After focusing on Class Objects, I switched to User Forms. User forms are a way to create custom forms for the user interface. My big win was when I realized that creating a User Form module is just creating a specialized Class Object. You can create variables, functions, properties, et cetera just like when creating a Class Object. Then when you are ready to use your form, you call it like you would with a Class Object.

I am so excited to work in computer-programming with a team. I need the experience and help of others if I am to get any better in a satisfying way.